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Infant Childcare

Choosing a child care center for your newborn is an important first step in their educational journey. At CCDC we have two infant rooms. Infant 1 is our Young Infant room. Serving children 6 weeks to approximately 8 months, our focus in this room is on developmental milestones. Days are filled with music, reading, and plenty of tummy time. Lesson plans are tailored to each infants age and milestone goals.
Infant 2 is our Older Infant room. We continue curriculum based interactions while lessons are more visible. "Centers" are introduced and play becomes more active. Most move to the school menu at this developmental stage. At around 12 months, children begin transitioning from a crib to a cot and to a group schedule in preparation for the toddler room.

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Toddler Childcare

Our Toddler room begins when your child reaches 14+ months and is confidently walking. In this room a group schedule is followed so all eat and sleep at the same time. Various skills such as parallel play, managing emotions, and emerging language are introduced in this room, along with an active learning environment. As this room builds the foundation of independence and positive relationships, Preschool I expands on your little one's problem solving and scaffolding skills at the amazing age of 2.

Kids in Preschool

Preschool 1 Ages 2 and 3yrs

Preschool 1 is comprised of children that have just turned 2 and 3's waiting to transition to the next classroom at 4. This blended environment provides a place for the younger children to learn from the older, wiser 3's. The 3's model leadership in the classroom as they grow and develop their sense of independence. We continue to deepen our understanding of letters, numbers and concepts, building lessons on themes that the children are curious about.

Kids Gardening

Preschool 2 Ages 4 and 5yrs

Preschool 2 is the classroom that utilizes  your child's foundational skills to prepare them for Kindergarten. The class lessons dive a little deeper, circle time is more interactive and additional centers give space to practice writing skills, science and math, hands on experiments, and more.

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